Friday, June 14, 2019

Thoughts- Bad inspiration

It's funny, I decided I'll write book when I was in campus Placement Training, being trained to get a job. The trainer triggered all the thoughts I had into actions.


"I teach you some math, some english. Since you already are in big colleges, not an issue. Teach you to lie( present yourself better) and hoorah, you'd end up in job.


But, is this really you want?


Do you really reached out to get a job or anything else?


That question was left to the crowd. I slept on the question. Evening, I decided I'm not gonna attend the training, since Job is not really I want.


What else do I do? If only I had answer for it, I'd have never been in that training. I did what clueless people did. Tried to be lazy.


To be lazy, need to go to home. And I went home.


Got the inspiration from the worse. As I saw a crappy writing being published, I thought even I can publish.  There began my journey. Thanks to that mediocre writing, who made me believe in my writing.

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