Friday, June 28, 2019

Stories from Sirohi

 The kids come from different backgrounds. What does English mean to them? As a teacher, what's my objective? Do I have to cater to their immediate needs in the language or work on the basics that they gotta work on no matter what?  Basics. Am I assuming that I'll be stopped or Effective communication is needed with the team to work on what's needed rather than what's expected.  

Talking about the community, being a teacher, gives us the task of thinking of students beyond the classroom.  As a school teacher, it's very important to analyze, how kids are outside the classes, premises. Not to be vigilant but, to understand and educate them in an effective way.


I'm visiting classes 4,5,6 and didn't have good communication beyond the subject. I do not know how to break the ice and win their trust. If they trust me enough to learn from me, they're gonna put their effort from their side.  It's important to win their trust. 

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