Saturday, June 22, 2019

New Blogging confusion- Thoughts

I started blogging after looking at Chinmayi's blog. I was inspired by the way she was sharing her experiences, thoughts. I got connected to her stories and wanted to have a record of my own. 

Starting the blog was an impulsive thought. I started blogging and stopped it after some time.

I kept sharing a few pieces now and then on the blog. I continued journalling but shared the blog in a rare time. After 2014, I got back onto the blog and started writing consistently. I still had questions on if my blogs are worth sharing but I was always reminded of my purpose in blogging by various friends' experiences. Many of my friends blogged for the record. "Just keep writing," they said. 

It's easy to listen but to internalize and come in terms with the deal I've made with myself was tough. After many conflicting thoughts, I slowly started blogging regularly. The blog helps me to get back many of many writings, stories I want to reread.

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