Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Music Memories- Ek Mohabbat Taj Anthem

Ek Mohabbat Anthem.

Before even the reach of the internet, I was curious to know more compositions of A.R.R This is one I got during my 9th Standard. I remember walking to Satya's home to browse a lot of music. Thejaswi is one of my companion who actually listened to a lot of thoughts on A.R.Rahman and his music. Maybe it's from his home, I downloaded this song and burned them to cd and got into my home.

Back then, listening to these songs were the daily routine I had. Mom had no issue until I played loud music. My choice of music was always soothing so even Dad let me play it on Home theatre always. 10 years to the song. Listening to this, I still remember the days, I used to listen at my home back then at Chittoor.

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