Sunday, June 30, 2019

Social Media Sabbath

Quitting social media triggered me to reflect on my needs. Wants. Desires.

Connecting to people is a need. I always wanted to be surrounded by many people but,  I wished for something and I got something in return.

The purpose of social media changed in many ways at many times. During 10th class, the purpose of logging into facebook was just to play Farmville. During Inter, I went on to share all the quotes and interesting stories I heard. Conversations were always done through comments with school friends.

Comes Engineering and social media is all about the highlights. It's funny that I was never much into social media during my engineering course. I was always connected with people. I used it frequently at most of my free time and shared without an expectation or any assumptions. Expectations of people looking at my post. Assumption, that people would actually think about my views.

That was the least thought of it. 

Over the time, I created out my Author page, Community page. Tried sharing my writings. I didn't enjoy the sharing rather than the process. I was possessive about my writings yet I was the author. Had the dilemma if I had to share or not. Despite the skeptical thoughts I had on social media, many people wrote, shared messages on my book through social media. Once I had the flood of notifications, traffic on facebook, I got used to it.

Soon after the author page stint, I caught up with TEDx community stuff. Went full on to the social media to share the message. Thanks to social media, I reached out to many people.

It was after college, I got addicted to social media, thanks to my smart phone. Till then, my social media usage was active yet, very controlled and purposeful.

Comes the smart phone and a lot of time on hands, I turned compulsive on social media. Mindless scrolling. Do not know for what I open facebook everytime I browse.

I didn't had an eye for it and i turned compulsive on social media.

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