Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Silence and Kids

How silly is silence.

As adults, we demand silence from everyone to just keep shouting. We want to shout but we demand kids to be silent. As a kid, I was never silent and still expect children to be silent now by instincts. Given a thought for a while, and I realized, I was only silent when I bought the story the others had to say. 

And yet, here without much reflection, I was always shouting demanding their silence. For once, I looked back at my childhood and realized, I better come up with things that interest children. STORIES.  Stories saved me from unnecessary discipline. Stories sometime in the form of questions, in the form of games,  in the form of conversations. Kids love to engage when they enjoy your company.

Did I found out the solution? Nah.  Come rain, snow or sunshine,  children still make a lot of noise and fun.  If not them, who else?

I can say this for sure. These kids are sweet and better than me. I was never a  good kid who listened to others.

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