Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Soliloquies- Morning run

In Sirohi, morning basketball game  is the routines. Since my new job demands a lot of traveling. I decided to jog atleast. In Yadgir, I had my shoes on, waited for the sun to rise. Went towards the fort and ended up at a local park. I enjoyed exploring the town at early morning. I walked all along returning to the hotel observing all the nearby places. 

I smile wide whenever I need to pose. Finding mirror after ages, I loved to record the morning jog memories. Hence, the morning selfies at Yadgir.  

In the three days I spent in Yadgir, I explored different sides of the city. I went to the stadium, walked towards the fort, walked along a local park as well.  Will try to jog wherever I go. 


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