Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Soliloquies- Times with Dad

This is the second time; I’m meeting Dad at Mariott. He has got a conference to attend. I met him while he was ending it and leaving the conference. We caught up over what’s happening. He talked about his work. I rarely talk about my work with Dad.

A night with Dad at a different place. We both went on for a walk. Looking at the Hyderabad’s skyline, Dad shared how he visited Patancheruvu in 1980’s along with his college friend. “My friend Sudhakar had relatives at that place. So, when he was going, I also went along with him. It was all jungle.” He shared his surprise as well as the knowledge of witnessing the growth. For a while, we looked at the towered building. Dad went on sharing his retirement plans.

Why is he so concerned about many things, I thought. As Dad shared a lot of his life experiences, I could empathise with him and his thoughts. “Back then, I never had enough money to invest. We barely had amenities at our home. I got the TV, fridge, Beerva, and other things on a loan. That is how we started our house. Now, it is a god blessing to have all these,” dad shared how he feel about coming this far.

I’m grateful to have all the comforts my Dad and mom has provided me. At times, I always wondered, why they are worried about the future. Understanding from where we have started, it’s a big feat to be at the place where we are.  I’m glad, I reserved my opinions rather than jumping into conclusions.

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