Sunday, February 28, 2021

Raconteuring with Rahila Wafa- Know your parents

Since Rahila and I didn't speak for years, we had a lot to share. Both of us got into conversation and stories flowed. 

"Often I listen from others to focus on my motherhood," shared Rahila. " I'm glad I do not listen to their suggestions."

Listening to a lot of friends of their new motherhood experience, I always wondered how we patronize motherhood and shackle them to a lot of chores in life. 

Rahila shared one of the experiment she did with her class 4th & 5th students. 

"What's your mom's favorite color? I asked my students to respond. Most of the children respond. What's your mom's favorite picnic spot? was the other question. There was silence in the class. Another  question, What's your mom's favorite food? 

I asked the student's series of questions about their parents. None of the children knew of their parents. "Your parents know about your wishes, favorites. Don't you feel to know your parents better?" I encouraged them to talk to their parents about their childhood, favorites, memories. Many students returned with a lot of surprise on their faces. I didn't knew that my mom was a volleyball player, I didn't knew that mom liked this food. And it was a seed Rahila sowed in the young minds to empathize with their parents and observe them as  individuals. 

Often, we do not view our parents as individuals. It's important we individualise them to understand them and better and not burden them with our expectations and wishes. 

You asked the right questions senior. Would love to try it out with students at my place. Thanks for sharing.   

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