Friday, February 26, 2021

Graphic Musings- ART friend

Determined not to pester anyone anymore by showing the art and asking for their views, I decided to work on my own and relish on my own perspectives. However, the world is kind and I'm meeting a lot of new friends who can walk along with me in the journey of exploring colours and shapes. 

Usually, Dyu is the only victim I turn to, asking his perspectives on every art piece I make. Shankar, Azhar, Biju never bother to entertain me, they do not even look at the art I make. Geetika is the new friend I'm sharing my art with. At times, it's tough for her to put up with my hammering. 

Empathizing with my boredom, Geetika suggested to check out few interesting cards in library. I walked into library and ran into fourth class child, Shahista. She got acrylic colors and brushes. I got postcards. 

"Shall we paint?" I asked. "Yes," she welcomed. I got out my crayons and scribbled on the card. "What's this?" she asked. I couldn't reply what I'm drawing. "I don't know. I just draw." I told her. 

"Shall I draw rocket for you?" She asked. "Whatever you wish to draw." I affirmed. 

Together we sat and began drawing. We dabbled with colors.

 I blended colors and tried my line art. Observing what I like to draw, Shahista drew a few patterns and painted, just the way I like. Thanks Shahista. 

Shahista also wrote a message on the post card. I like the way she appreciate. Direct and heartful wishes. 

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