Sunday, February 28, 2021

Friends- Dinner with Pooja

 A year ago, I met pooja at cafe in Jaipur, sharing what's happening in our lives. We met recently at our workplace but, we couldn't catch up at leisure sharing what we're upto. After a long plan, I made it to Barmer, Pooja's place. Happy to be here. Pooja joined us at evening. Pooja and I visited a cafe.COASTERS CAFE. "This is my place.  If others are sitting here, I return to home. I don't sit anywhere." She showed me her place. Comfy sofas. For a reason, she loves this place.

Over coffee and pizza, we shared what's all happening in our lives. Listened to each other. I made a sketch for her on post card. Random patterns. I also wrote to her on it. Glad to catch up after long time. 
Blurred happy smiles. 

The Coasters guy wanted his cafe board in the picture, no matter what

                                        I also took a detour of Barmer, thanks to Pooja. 

 Finally, called it a day and ended up at the resort I was staying at. 


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