Saturday, February 20, 2021

Friends- Dinner with Yami

I met Yami after 4 years. Can't believe it's been already 4 years, since I took up my first job. I met her first in a training programme. We were in different groups but of the same batch. At first, as we spent time in the same campus, we became acquaintances. We finished our training. Both of us ended up in different teams. 

    During our work, we hardly met. Whenever we ran into each other, we'd greet, share a conversation and carry on with our work. 

Over the time, both of us got to know each other interests, sketching, traveling, doodling. Both of us shared similar interests, thus began appreciation of each other's efforts.

Yesterday, I look at some random art and got reminded of Yami. I think a lot about my friends but hardly ping them. This time, I got from that procrastination phase and pinged her. "Hey Yami. I got reminded of you when I saw this art. How are you doing?" I texted her.  We both shared a word. Realized, we got a lot to share. We decided to meet and without much hassle, we met and had a great time sharing what's happening in our lives. 

Both of us agreed on 'Instagram is all sham,' shared a lot on what's not on our Instagram feed.  We enjoyed meeting in-person and listening to each other.

I enjoyed listening to Yami's Hindi. Traveling in South India for a long time, I couldn't listen to North Indian Hindi. As Yami was speaking proper Hindi, I fell in love with the language again. She got that proper diction. I can listen to her all day. Yami shared her (train) travel tales of her college life. She seeks adventure in life. She's getting married. What more big adventure can she venture into?

I was terrible at deciding for the dinner, Yami helped both of us in ordering the dinner. Right from the starter, we had a full course dinner finishing with dessert. Thanks Yami for helping me out in those little decisions. 

We visited restaurant when it was with crowd, we left when it was deserted. We spent  good time sharing a lot of stories. Both of us had different destinations. I didn't want to leave early though. Both of us decided to walk down the lane. We shared the luggage. (She insisted on carrying one)

"You don't need to be chauvinist. I can carry." Yami exclaimed.  Unconsciously I was acting as one, I wonder how I was trying to be one. We both shared the luggage and enjoyed walking down the lane sharing stories. 

Walking on the deserted roads, I didn't realize it's almost 12am. We walked down to Irani cafe, for a late night chai. We talked of Yami's childhood memories and about her supportive mother.

How much ever I wish to stretch down the time, the day was not with us. We walked further. At last, we had to depart to our own destinations.  

A short meet after long time. Glad to share smiles and happiness and all that's-happening-in-our-lives. Thanks Yami for the time and the treat. I'm happy for your new journey (getting married) in life. God bless the guy.  Next time, more on our adventures and little madness we share. 

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