Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Thoughts- Know the BTS.

A year ago, when I found a problem, I raised it and expected an ideal solution. I couldn't understand what stops us from being idealistic. My manager listened all that I had to say and replied, "Abhinay. There's a lot more to the problem. To solve the problem, we need to know the people dynamics, environment, their stories and the possible ways to work with them. At the end of the day, we cannot expect the world to be in our own way. In fact, everyone has their own way." 

I could understand what he meant but, I was stuck to my idealistic problem solving process as I was only an observer and commentator of the problem  but never involved in the problem solving, conflict management process in the organization. 

When I am given the new role, in which I have to work on problem solving, I could empathize and understand what my manager has mentioned. To solve the problem or conflict, without hurting anyone, we need to know our people, process, their stories. Now, I can relate why it's important to know the details of the people who cause problem as we need to work with people, not the problem. 

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