Friday, February 5, 2021

Stories from Sirohi- stories with Navnit

Navnit walks into our room. "Ji aapko patha hai, Anganwadi pei do NCF paper hai."talks about anganwadi with Geetika. Later, he picked a book, barber at the zoo, "Ji mei Baal bhi katwaane hai. Daadi bhi karvaane" Navnit thought loud. 
 He flipped the pages. The book has a lot of animals. "Arre baby goat." he exclaimed. " Jab me Ghar jaate na. Mera bacche bakri  ko dekhe Bolte, doggy doggy. Lekin Woh bakri tha." When we visit home, my children saw the goat and began calling it doggy, doggy. Goat says mei mei, dog kya bolti hai? I asked and made them realise that it's not doggy.  

Navnit shares anecdotes at the drop of hat with hearty smiles. Thanks Navnit for dropping in and sharing stories. 

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