Monday, February 15, 2021

Stories from Schools- Warm wishes

I sat at the cafeteria, eating my lunch. Hi Abhinay I heard a voice, wishing me as a friend. 

Who can wish me as my friends from this new place? quickly I looked up to see the person, I see a student passing by, waving his hand.

Unfamiliar voice but, he wished me as if we both know each other for years. The voice had a warmth affection. At workplaces, many people call you, wish you. But, the communication always sounded formal to me. I made a very few friends at my work place. None call me with such closeness. Despite the verbal communication signals of what we communicate, the non-verbal cues tell a lot of what words can’t say. The voice, the tone talks more about it. The friendliness, the warmth affection, there is a lot I perceived in that wish. 

While I was thinking a lot about the wish and the non-verbal communication, the student returned with his lunch, sat at the table and asked my friend who sat next to me, "How are you liking our school?" 

Paatshaala?, so here, people call school as Paatshaala, my friend referred trying to understand a bit Kannada, also making sense of student's Hindi. 

During the conversations, while my friend was adding ‘Ji’ referring his bosses, CEO, COO. This kid was referring to all those CEO, COO, and all the big heads by their names. There’s reverence and respect in kids' voice. How often we speak a lot but mean a little. This kid was different. 

Glad that he remembered my name and walked in to wish me. That's how we make friends. Nice to meet you Sharanappa. 

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