Friday, February 26, 2021

Anjali & I - Dining in with Dogs

 It's been a year, since I met Anjali. Intended to surprise her by my visit, I went without telling her about my visit, in return, she surprised me by staying at her friend's place for a week. Determined to meet her, I joined Harry and Shobha mam to their friend, Niveditha's place. 

Away from the city, they lived near ORR. May be they need peace from the noisy city, I assumed.  When I walked into home, I realised that they're away from urban noise but, not noise. Three dogs were in the home. Aranya, Shakti, and Vanati's dog. 

As I entered home, I was welcomed by a lot of barking. At first, it was tolerable. After a few moments, I couldn't take it. I had to close my ears to get away from the noise. Anjali saw me being helpless and giggled. I was happy to see her after long time. Anjali was happy to be with her dogs. She was caring them and we went out for a walk. I handled one leash and Anjali helped me to hold it properly. 

Around the apartment, Nivedita, her son, Anjali and I, along with three dogs, we walked. It was fun to chat with Nivedita. She shared how she used to live with a lot of pets during her childhood. Good time. 

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