Sunday, February 28, 2021

Friends- Dinner with Abitha, Divya

 I met Divya during our fellowship induction. After that, I never got a chance to meet her or interact with her. I'm glad I met her in Yadgir after a very long time. 

This time, I met Abitha as well, graduated from Azim Premji University. We got along each other just after one conversation. "I can suggest you the best local food places," shared Abitha. 

Abitha, Divya and I went to a place, "Kaanavalli." We had a specical. I got to eat Puranpoli. Over the conversations, we enjoyed the local food. Thanks Divya, Abitha for introducing me to the Kaanavalli food. 

Post dinner, Abitha and I decided to walk till our places. Over the walk, we talked. Both of our names start with Abi. Both of us had stories behind our names. Abitha shared her story. How her father got inspired to name her Abitha. Later, we discussed books, poetry and a few more work experiences. I'm glad we decided to walk rather than get into those crowded autos. Had a great evening. Thanks Abitha for the time. 

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