Sunday, February 14, 2021

Holidays with Harry

I walked into Harry's house almost after an year. Before pandemic, I met him in Feb 2020. Again, in 2021, I met him. I was eager to meet Anjali and catch up with her. Unfortunately, Anjali had already planned a visit to her friend's place. We couldn't catch up. Shobha mam was there, Harry was starting his day. I made myself feel home and decided upon to order the breakfast. A quick decision, we ordered the breakfast. While I was chatting up with mam, we had our ordered breakfast at out door. Dosa, idli, vada from Suprabhat Tiffins. While  shuffling the TV channels between cricket match and tennis match, we enjoyed our breakfast. 

In the front room, we sat in our spaces and caught up in our conversations. I was elated to share what's all happening in my life. From my new role to the new friend I made in office, I was grateful and happy. "I asked for a lot of things in life. I'm getting everything I asked for." I shared how grateful I'm and happy for being abundant in life. 

Harry shared what's happening with him. We discussed on our fitness journey. "A few months back, I began jogging at snail speed and now, I'm off comfortable jogging five km everyday with a good speed."
and he mentioned, "There are four things that need to be taken care of." 


"We often neglect hydration and rest."  

Over many other things, we discussed movies, books, ideas and plans. We hit off road to get done with few tasks. At first, I bought footwear. Further, we visited a book shop. Harry gifted me all the art materials I wanted. I was gifted a lot of canvases, Geetika suggested of and many more art line pens. 

Harry also gifted me the positive affirmation cards. I love them! Thanks Harry. 

No sooner, we reached home ,mam was ready with the lunch. We devoured on white rice, chicken curry and rasam. The chicken curry had a lot of veggies as well. As ever, delicious and enjoyed my lunch. 

We caught up with cricket, tennis matches for a while and also browsed a few books. All of us were drowsy but, Harry had his friends coming in. We waited for them. 

The arrival of Harry friends, Vardha and Sanjay, the mood was changed. Vardha in his cool look, Sanjay and I caught up. Thirty years of friendship, they recollected all the memories while Vasu and Ranjan joined. 

Listening to their memories, I got reminded of my gang. Wanted to catch up with all of them. The party mood was setting in. I called it a day, as I wanted to catch up with my friends. 

"You look like a proper traveler, let's take a picture," suggested Harry. On request, a kind person on the road clicked the picture for us. He was insisting to take a portrait picture. One for his satisfaction. 

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