Sunday, February 28, 2021

Holidays with Harry- The puzzling truth

 How is it going it with your story?  I asked Harry. 

I wrote but, my friend mentions that I added a lot of detail and got distracted from the story. He added, "I have an experience and I was interested to add more detail and include everything that happened during the journey.

I was writing with an intention of sharing the truth. But, at the end of the day, readers want a story not the truth that confuses them more." 

Introspecting more on truth, we discussed how we perceive our memory and our version of truth as the universal truth  It's important to note that truth need not be shared just because we believe in it. The craft of storytelling is different from telling what all happened in our lives. 

When we write autobiographical novels, there's always a question on what to share and what not to.  Also, many a times, I procrastinated writing my experiences. As the experience turns into memory of the past, the way we retrieve the truth is also interesting. The truth is always selective and one sided. It's interesting to work on these aspects of truth in writing. Thanks Harry for sharing your puzzling truth stories. 

All seemed to be same but, different. Truth is no exception. 


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