Sunday, April 26, 2020

Mansi and I - Conversation and the fruit

These days, I only go out for bringing the dinner and dropping the trash. Early morning, Mansi does not come out of the home. In late evenings, she looks at me and strikes for a conversation. Today, I stepped down to fetch the dinner. ‘Abhinay’ she shouted, walking out of the house and said,’Dyu Aaya, video call karre the. Aap kaha the?' This little 7 year old loves to call me by my name from the moment she heard my names. 

While I was returning home after bringing the dinner, once again, she came out, ‘take this,’ offered me a musekmelon fruit.

‘Thank you,’ I shouted entering my home. ‘Welcome,’ she shouted and waited for me to see her again. ‘Uncle Ji!’ she shouted trying to strike a conversation but instead smiled.

Thanks, Mansi for the conversation and the fruit.

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