Friday, April 24, 2020

Thoughts- You gotta share your own stories.

Reading all the great experiences, stories of hitchhiking of others, I failed to acknowledge what I did. ‘It’s common. You are not the only one who hitchhikes, you don’t need to talk about it.’ I said to myself. Pushing the thought further, I also asked myself, ‘Do you really have to write this?’ ‘Who will read this?’ ‘There are many people who already wrote, they have far better experiences than your’s’ I told myself.

Voicing out my thoughts, I told my Harry. ‘I don’t feel confident in sharing, as there are so many out there who did fabulous work. My experiences are nothing in front of them.’

‘Your story can never be told by others. It’s your thoughts, your experiences, your words. It’s yours. And believe in it.’ Said, Harry.

Lesson learned.  If we do not believe in our voice and do not share, who is going to do it?

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