Monday, April 20, 2020

Day 27 of 40

Started the day with chores. Helped a bit in cooking and got onto the morning pages. The process of writing down the thoughts that trouble me on the paper seemed therapeutic. Soon after the work, I got on the draft, editing a few chapters. From then on, I went on with the meetings and lunch with TaleSpin tales.

I'm loving the experience of watching all the cartoons again. Thanks, Meghana for the suggestion. Fell into the trap of Netflix and prime, I never looked for the cartoons, I grew up with.

Little work and got back on to the meetings. I'm glad the course is going well. The participants are showing a great response to the work.

Meditation over zoom. Interesting experiences and learning about how language influences over meditation.

Began to attend the online workshop. With little time to stretch and stroll, I was on a laptop almost the whole day.

From now, more than distance, the time zones and time duration is going to matter a lot. Time management is a big need than ever.

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