Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Day 14 of 21 (April.7.2020)

Meditating with the morning chores and cleaning of the house.  Morning pages have become a routine and I am pretty much starting the day with the phone post all works. I need to keep it a check on it.

Today, Dyu made a Spanish omelet, while I planned to paint, mountains and sea. I'm loving this painting. Back to back, I got on to many calls and spent the half-day living through zoom and teams.

Made good progress on the book, The tender Bar. The writing is pacy and also well narrated. I worked out a bit and got onto some drafting of the poems I have written over the days.

'Words within the walls' I named it.

I should make a list of what I want to do these days and stick to it. I couldn't touch the draft today. Watched the movie, 'The Perfect Date.' Romantic and adorable movie.

Slowly, I'm trying to set my routines but, unable to put off the unnecessary panic I got on tracking the COVID.

Today, I attended a meditation and the visual imagery helped a lot to work on my emotions.

Looking forward to another day.

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