Thursday, April 9, 2020

Day 15 of 21 (April.9.2020)

I woke up at the usual time. Ddi the chores and got onto morning pages. Without wasting time, quickly got onto the book and typed the whole text I wrote last night. Time sailed and we had our lunch prepared by chef Dyu. Grateful to him. I help to provide whatever Dyu needs to cook. Most of the time, I share stories, and books I have read while he cooks.  

Done with lunch. I  was preparing for the meeting I was about to host. An hour meeting and meditation at 5pm.

It was an interesting exercise for dealing with anxiety. Visualizing the anxiety as an object and vanishing it in different ways. Interesting. I took a long walk after the call. Even before, I realized the day got over, the sunset, I walked in and got overcall with Vikas, Prudhvi, and Vineel.

After a long time, glad to see vineel.

The day seemed to be ended as the night loomed in and the laptop and phone stared at me. Today, Nikhil Bhai shared one of his compositions, he worked on the theme, 'wordless conversation.' Interesting one.

These days, I am being worried about the book which seemed unnecessary.  I need to work on small goals and finish step by step.

The news is alarming and there's a sense of wall I created to stay focussed.

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