Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Raja Ravi Varma's Event

Celebrating his birth anniversary, Raja Ravi Varma heritage foundation hosted a special screening of the movie, 'Wanderer of the worlds', and many spoke at the event. Attended via zoom platform and couldn't interact with any audience or the speakers of the event.

It was an informative and jaw-dropping session. I saw other's sessions with frequent shifting to tabs and hangouts but got glued to Manu's presentation. He shared the humane stories of history. How the Baroda king rebelled the British, how Kerala Varma ended his life and how his wife reacted to his disappearance.

One amazing story was how his relative modeled for the portrait of Rama in one of the Ramayana sketches. Many may assume the image of Rama but, Manu mentioned how
retired police modeled for the Rama and got etched in history.

The Man behind the paintings.  Raja Ravi Varma.
An interesting story on how Britishers acted as marriage brokers between Mysore princes and Rajput princesses. Interesting. I loved the event. I wish they have the recording of the event to post it here.

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