Sunday, April 26, 2020

Day 32 of 40

Woke up with chores and morning pages on the to-do list. While I tried striking off doing all the things I had to do, I had to attend a call. Post call, we got into the kitchen. While Dyu was cooking, I was talking to him about 'Barack Obama's letters to my father'. He shared his views upon completing the book. We shared our thoughts. From patriarchy to Panchatantra, we discussed a lot till the lunch got ready.

Watched the movie, Vaanam Kottatum. Loved the background score, cast, story. I spent the day reading the book, Stories at Work.

Spoke to Amol, Jaya and called it a day. These days, I am watching news less and that's helping me to stay sane. Cut down social media in big time. Before this lifestyle comes down to normalcy, I wish there's a change and peace in the world.

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