Monday, April 27, 2020

34 of 40 (27.April.20)

I didn't want to get out of the bed. Lucid sleep and living in the dreams, I woke up at 9. Quick cleaning and caught up with the books. Dyu got on to the job of distributing the ration. We cooked up lunch with the water that was left. 12 pm, I went down to fetch the water. The shop got closed. The shopkeeper mentioned, he'd be late. From 12 to 7pm, we were at home without water. The situation without water seemed to grimace. Worked on a few writings and reading. I got onto the conference calls. Over time, I think, I need to effectively manage my time for, half my time is going in zoom and teams itself.

Got the feedback from Harry. Now I am all rejuvenated to get back on to the book and work to bring it.

3 years ago, I spent my evening at Park Hyatt at TEDx Hyderabad Live, watching it with the community.Recalled all the good  memories. God bless Ranjit Bhai.

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