Friday, April 17, 2020

Analysis Paralysis- Thoughts

I woke up jotting my intense dream in a sleepy mood. I realized I wrote only a few lines of the dream. As I caught up with other work, I forgot the dream and couldn't put it on the paper. 

In general, I left the habit of writing a diary and continued writing the journal. In the journal, I write random lines, the story I am working on, to-do lists. And it serves as an all-in-one notebook for me. 

There was a time where I tried to maintain different books for different things and didn't write if the book was not in reach to me. I talked a lot about writing various things but I didn't write. 
There's no point of talking about writing when I don't write daily,' I thought. I picked up the habit of writing everything in one book I carry till it gets finished. Writing somewhere is better than not writing at all. 

I am glad that I didn't get into the loop of analyzing and more analyzing rather than working at it.

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