Friday, April 24, 2020

Day-3 Storytelling workshop by Vikram Sridhar

We read a few famous and classic stories of Panchatantra. We tried to observe the choice of animals and the gender and the relations between the animals.

Interspecies communication, they call it. There are so many animals that communicate with other species as well. It was interesting to see the connection between the other species.

I looked at all the state birds and animals and the most common animals found in the stories are not the birds and animals of any state.

Many versions, many stories, it's important to observe the selection of animals. Fox, Jackal, and wolf.  What are the differences in these animals and in such a way, how do we use them for the context.

I read the story Clever Turtle and used the word tortoise. Both are the same, right I assumed. But, there's a huge difference between the turtle and tortoise.

When there are thousands of animals and birds, how did only few animals got into the stories? The most common are monkey, crow, and snake.  Even in a category of snakes, it's Cobra.

It's is used as a metaphor. The metaphors drawn are quite interesting.  For snake to nature and woman.

There are three similarities one can find with humans.

1) Movement

There are a lot of simple huge differences in the two versions of one story.

There's an interesting relation between reptiles and feminine energy.

Vikram shared the interesting facts on owls. It's a session of ecology in stories. How the choice of animals plays an important role.

Interesting session. More to explore the stories.

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