Sunday, August 25, 2019

Stories on wheels - Time & Trust

Skeptical about getting the ride, I rose a hand while crossing the road. A person stopped in between and offered me ride till metro station. 

"Are you a student?"

"No, I'm working."

I seem to be too young to work in an MNC. We got onto a conversation talking about his whereabouts. 

The person is one of the Directors from a reputed engineering college. Started with the few ice-breaking conversations. We started sharing stories.

From the side of the teaching position, he shared the parenting stories.

"Parents assume they're giving the best to children but, kids do not need the best. They need a bond that can help them achieve the best even in mediocre conditions.

There's one bright kid who seemed to attain a great percentage in intermediate, thanks to only studying but nothing. He joined our college. His father works as a senior executive in the an airport. Too busy to give time to his own son.

Clueless about what the kid got into, he failed in all the subjects in 1st year. Continued the streak in the second year.  He seemed to be a bright student but clueless about his presence in engineering college. Unable to adapt to the new environment and clueless of what he is into  made him find no interest in studying. Hence, he flunked.

We called out parents to visit us. There was no response from the parents. The student was frightened about consequences that'd happen if his father gets to know about his  failure stint.

He wrote a suicide letter and put it in the suit that Dad wears to the airport. Father left to the airport and saw the letter after he reached his workplace.

Shivered through the spine, he raced to the college. While the son was gathering up his guts to kill himself, father reached the college. 

The moment he saw his son, he sobbed uncontrollably.

On being asked about such thought, the kid said, 'I'm afraid. I can't tell my dad that I failed.'

The utmost thing the kid needs is time and care.

Failures are inevitable in life. You face them at some point in life. If a kid can't share his failure with his parents, who does he have when he hits the rock bottom?"

Trust builds with time. And if parents do not find time to listen to the kids, I can't imagine the state of loneliness and a clueless feeling of where to go and with whom to share.

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