Sunday, August 18, 2019

In dialogue with Santosh Chowdary

When I visited Store to meet Ruskin Bond, At Cambridge Book Depot, I met a teacher who started writing his memoir by the advice of Ruskin Bond. Mr.Santosh Chowdary is a teacher in Bhutan. His experiences speak volumes about the teaching profession as well as the beauty of teaching.

Talking about kids, Santosh said, ‘ Kids silence speaks a lot than the adults' words. On my last day,  gave out a speech. We distributed sweets to the students. My wife shared the sweets to senior students.  I shared with the primary children. While I was distributing, a  pre-primary student surprised me by her gift. She didn’t speak at all. She didn’t want to look at me.  She pulled the badge from her shirt in force and handed over it to me as a souvenir. I was touched by the gesture. The kid’s thoughtfulness and her action made my day. Her silence was intense and touching than any other thing else on the day.

'Kids are wonderful. They are living gods,' said Santosh smiling wide recollecting the memories.

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