Thursday, August 29, 2019

Anjali & I - Her poems

Poetry pervades across the places beyond time. I remember reading the poem written by Anjali on trees. When I got a chance to talk about trees and cutting the trees, I introduce the poem reading as a pre-work to 8th class students. 

Just before I thought, since it was Anjali's poem, I wanted to present it the way Anjali would've loved it. I rolled the poem. Winded it with a  band and gave out to the kids. 

Kids opened the poem in surprise and read it out. They liked the poem. On being asked to guess the age, kids mentioned the poet would be 50 or 60. 

To their surprised, they found out the age of the poet is 11 years. I hinted if they would like to appreciate or send out any message to the poet. 

Appreciation is always through a good heart. Chiku, in a direct tone, wrote, "I liked it." 

Kids thought well that since they were sending the letter to the kid, they wanted to decorate it and also they loved decorating it. 

They decorated the card with so many colors and creativity. 

The cards were all posted and Anjali received it with a surprise. Happy to see all the kids appreciating and spreading out good thoughts. 

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