Saturday, August 24, 2019

Education- Neighbourhood

I visited a few homes as a part of the community visit. I feel powerless and weak listening to their stories. No one should be discriminated or differentiated by their community. There are homes settled at the corners of the village. Utmost corners of the village. The neighborhood is nonetheless their own community. 

Even though there's no strong discrimination as untouchability, I'm still dumbstruck by the presence of the neighborhood by their own communities. 

I can't imagine myself in their shoes. How does one live with a reminder that they're not privileged enough to lead a normal life?

I visited the house. The elderly person shared his story,  "I'm a state champion. I had everything good in my life. People were jealous about my future and tricked me into fights and then police cases, if not I'd have been eligible for many jobs."

Talking about the importance of education, he told how he finished his education. 
"I walked 10 km daily to attend school. Took a lot of punishment. At one point in time, I couldn't understand the education and I left for Bombay.

Later, I realized it's better I finish the education. I returned and finished the 8th class." 

The neighborhood, environment plays an important role in our growth. Being constantly reminded by the lack of their privilege to be normal is haunting. 

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