Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Travel Diaries - Couch Surfing.

I attended a lot of hangouts and met many couch surfers but neither hosted or stayed with any couch surfer till now.

In Dehradun, Saurabh hosted for me a couple of days. I had one of the best experiences staying with couch surfer, Saurabh. We shared a couple of messages and after a few days, I showed up on an early morning at his place. 

We broke the ice by talking things we love. The conversations were easy and all about things we love. In those conversations, we shared about ourselves a bit. We discovered that both of us are mechanical Engineers. We also talked about MOS, KOM, DOM, Design. Both of us shared the different college memories.

Every morning, we sat at the balcony having black tea sharing the sight of Mussorie Hills. Weather in Dehradun is always unpredictable. Before we finish our cup of tea, we would have witnessed the rain, sunshine and also the foggy clouds.  

Every traveler has his way of exploring the places. Saurabh suggested me the best options to explore the Dehradun. He suggested the offbeat places which were worth visiting. Morning, I was on my way to explore.

By the night,  Saurabh was off from his work. We rode on hills visiting special cafes and temples. I visited a temple which insists on not taking any donation. They were strict about not taking any money. We spent the night over the conversations sharing a lot of stories.

Saurabh introduced his friend Arun. Arun is from Lucknow. Talking to him is great fun. His Shayari and stories of Lucknow tempted me to backpack there as well.

Within no time, we were on a banter having fun. We were sharing all the Couch Surfer Stories.

By day, I was exploring. And by night, we were in the room having dinner and sharing many stories. 

Saurabh was kind and prepared breakfast, dinners whenever possible. On the last day, he even made lunch for me.

 I made good friends in Dehradun through Couch Surfing. 

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