Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Travel Diaries - Gratitude Tales

Soon after a stroll in Mussoorie, I decided to walk down to Landour. I  went on recalling the directions from a person, I missed the route and I went down the road to Dehradun. Upon asking a person, he directed me to Landour. 

The clouds turned foggy throughout the place, I couldn’t see what’s in front of me. In such weather, I walked up to Landour in search of Ruskin Bond’s house. En route, I didn’t stop even in heavy rain. I continued walking up being drenched in rain. I went up to his home and found no one. I walked down to Mussorie while it was pouring throughout my commute. 

It was a 30 minute walk and I was drenched feeling heavy by being soaked in the rain.

While I returned in search of transport, the person who directed me found me and called me out. 

‘I told you the direction of Landour na, why are you here again?’

‘I went and I’m returning now’

‘Where are you going now?’


“You’re totally drenched. Take a bus.”

He offered me an umbrella and took me to the counter. He enquired for my sake and discovered that long queue is present for Dehradun. Looking at it, he took me to the back of the counter. He talked to the concerned person and got me a ticket while I was wondering why he had to take efforts to help a stranger during a heavy pour.’

‘Take the ticket, I got you a window seat. You’ll be comfortable.’ He said.

Shaking a hand, he said, “Happy journey. Visit us again.”

Does he have anything to do with me? Was he expecting anything from me? Nothing. His help was voluntary without expecting anything in return. I was humbled by his help at such point of time.

“Thanks a lot,” I said and asked his name.

“Sandeep Rawat,” he said with a cheery smile.

Thanks a lot, Sandeep for help. I’m grateful for the gesture. I had a comfortable journey and was happy throughout for the help.

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