Thursday, August 1, 2019

Memories- Diary Writing

On New year's eve, I received a diary from Dad.  He'd have never thought how much difference his gift(diary) would make in my life. That was Dad. Always a giver. Grateful I am. 

Every New year, I get a diary from Dad. New years come with a few routines. Wish everyone. Welcome the new year at night in church. Spend time watching TV for a while. Sleep the whole morning. 

Jan 1. 2009. 

Soon after waking up from a late-night sleep, I met a lot of friends. I met Sai Charan, Tejaswi, Bhargav, and a few more. 

Tejaswi was always a chap interested in videogames but enjoys conversations and new ideas. I was the blabberer. He was also my basketball partner who came along with me at times. 

On New Year's afternoon, three of us, Sai Charan, Teju, and I decided to celebrate the new year in a new style. 

 We went out for lunch.  Socializing and hanging out at bakeries was one extent. And at the age of 15, we went on our own to a restaurant to dine on a special occasion. That first afternoon was the first entry in my diary. Till then, I never used a diary to record my life. I always used a diary as another book for my studies. But, for the first time, I wanted to write what's happening in life. 

I started writing. I started writing my thought. My thoughts were short, wavering, judgmental and what not. 

I didn't write to be corrected. I didn't write to tell. I didn't write for a record. I wanted to write because I liked it. 

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