Monday, August 19, 2019

In dialogue with Jimmy & Sapna

Backpackers' hostel is a great place to meet interesting people. Met Jimmy and Sapna with whom I easily broke the ice and spent a great time sharing a lot of conversations.

With very few, you are at ease in a drop of a hat sharing interesting things.  Jimmy & Sapna are the kind of people everyone would love to hang out with them. 

Jimmy is calm during the most chaotic times. He has the ease of putting things in a simple manner besides there's a lot one can worry about. On the other side, Sapna is sweet in her words and one would surely wonder if she ever can express anger on anyone. 

They were on a week trip with a lot of adventures, surprises, literally skipping, hopping & jumping the places.

They planned a surprise treat for his friend's birthday leading him to various places making him play treasure hunt at places. After a series of traveling, they reached Dehradun. Despite being sleep deprived, they were up for a coffee and conversation. 

On a drizzling night, we huddled sharing our stories. 

Jimmy's stories never lack an element of surprise. Starting from the story of best momos in Dehradun, till his school stories are unending and full of surprises and joy. Always on the go, Jimmy talks about traveling.  "Traveling is about traveling but, not about reaching a destination and ending up in boxed rooms. I see people who don't like things to be unplanned. They want things to be perfect and can't afford to miss any so-called special things at places. The typical tourists.

I traveled to Kashmir in February, I was not allowed to enter. It was closed. I took a bike, travelled and at the check post, I got to know that it's closed. 

I'd have learned about it earlier. I did not cringe for not being able to visit Kashmir but cherished in the whole experience. Why do you cry about not reaching the destination? If you really love traveling, you enjoy it rather than complaining."

Just like how he enjoys traveling dedicating slabs of unlimited time, he works at every possible location without any weekday, weekend chaos. He appears to be as unengaged as possible being engaged in the work round the clock. Glad to meet Jimmy who's always up for a conversation sharing a lot of stories. 

Myself, Sapna & Jimmy

After a lot of creative strolls on FRI.

Just as joyous as Jimmy, Sapna is joyful expressing thoughtful stories. Sit with her and you get to listen to the best stories about art and the craft. I enjoyed listening to her talking visual art and performing arts. 

Discussing social media, I had several takeaways from her words. 

"Wow is just not the takeaway I want from any picture for that matter through Instagram. It has to be thoughtful at the least." 

Witnessing how influencers are turning compulsive and traveling luxuriously just for the validation, we gotta be conscious of what we're consuming through social media. I second Sapna's thoughts. 

Walking the talk, Sapna's artworks were just not solace but thoughtful and wonderful. Lover of tribal art, she does miniature art and many more. Had a great time discussing her works in detail. Also grateful for her company, I could pen down few poems at ease.

Cheers Jimmy, Sapna for all the great time we had. 

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