Friday, August 23, 2019

Happy Birthday Pratyusha

During my first days in my last school(10th class) Aishwarya is the first girl whom I spoke with. 
She's of a girl gang with 5-6 people who always hung out together. 

9 years passed and still, they are the same. I feel good to see them hanging out even during their own busy days. During school days, everyone from the gang turned acquaintance to a friend with me.  Pratyusha is one of them who always was there to drop in a message or a word during my most important times. 

Of all the school friends, few stays in touch, few acknowledge the presence of each other online and few forget.

And this gang has always been together, and I tried to stay in touch. 

During the school days,  I noticed a girl who seemed impulsive in her responses and always retorted back with witty answers. Pratyusha, acquaintance turned friend. 


I vividly remember the day. Pratyusha and her friend, Ramani walked in with a packet of chocolates. August 22nd is her birthday. Wished her and remembered the date August 22nd as her birthday. Like fragrances give memories, dates remind me of a few memories and her birthday is one great memory I keep recollecting for no reason.  From then on, every year I keep recalling the day and wish her. Never relied on facebook reminder though.

Few acquaintances turn into friendship over time. And Pratyusha is one girl whom I hardly spoke during our school days. 

But I remember a few instances where we broke the ice and had a few good times.  

In 10th, we had an English teacher Ratnamala. We had a bet over a teacher's response. I bet that on asking a question, the teacher response would be in only one way. Pratyusha and I went on to the teacher asking her a dumb question. I won the bet as a teacher gave my predicted funny response.

L to R Sneha, Pratyusha, Srujana, Aishwarya & Yasaswi

Back then, we were never serious about topping the class. I'm sure about myself but, not Pratyusha. We ended up in an IC batch which is supposedly meant for kids who can ace the 10th exams with great marks. I was the only odd one in that group. Pratyusha was a topper in 10th. She's a fun-loving girl.  And also she is quite good at whatever she takes up.

We both had a similar centre for board exams. Place where people feel tense, nervous. I do not remember anyone from that centre being tensed. Abhilash & I were in the same centre. Same is with Pratyusha. Few conversations before and after exams, we never knew then if we were gonna meet everyone again. 

Over time, thanks to a few gatherings and conversations, we met and wished each other well whenever we talked.

Done with school, I took up M.P.C, Pratyusha took up the CA path. Was amused by her decision then, and as I said earlier, she's good at whatever she takes up, she has been doing great wherever she is.

As days passed, we spoke through social media and we got onto a few conversations as she speaks Tamil and I'm affined to Tamil. We simply used to talk, learning Tamil together. It was fun. 

Today, I'm happy to wish her again on her birthday. Happy birthday, Pratyusha. I cherish all the beautiful memories. Hope I huddle up with your gang Aishwarya, Srujana, Yasaswi & Sneha sometime soon. Happy birthday. God bless you. 

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