Monday, August 19, 2019

In dialogue with Tamara

I met Tamara during my backpacking trip around Dehradun. Tamara is on her worldwide travel trip trotting the world exploring 12 countries in a year. Tamara wore many hats in her life. She worked in management for years and decided to take a break before she takes up a new role.  “Everything helps you to understand things better. The experience you acquired at one place may help you in another field.”

Tamara has always been reflective throughout her school days. “I love writing down. I do not remember but my mom tells me how I was appreciated by my English teacher. I was asked to write down an essay. After I wrote it, my teacher approached my mom and said, ‘Her thoughts and writing are beyond her age.’ Tamara wants to write a book further her worldwide travel. ‘I love coaching.  Personal coaching helps you to be reflective and also help others.’

Tamara & Myself

Tamara studied Tourism Management, Marketing and other courses while she was working throughout her higher education. “My parents were okay to fund my education but when I can help myself financially, why shouldn’t I?”

From Life experiences to music, we shared a lot wishing each other the best in life. Happy birthday Tamara. Best wishes for all your endeavours.

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