Thursday, August 8, 2019

Travel Diaries- Nasirabad

Satvir was planning to visit his home for the weekend. Nasirabad. I sought his help about visiting Ajmer. To my surprise, he invited me to visit his place, his home. 

Nasirabad is a 20-minute drive from Ajmer. Military Cantonment area surrounded by the mountains. 

Recently, Ajmer has witnessed the heaviest rainfall after 30 long years. Just before visiting Ajmer, I saw the videos of heavily flooded roads. Despite all those, I decided to visit and I decided it for good for, all the memories I made. 

I met Satvir's father, a retired army person. 'Strong' would be an understated term to describe him. The simple lifestyle he leads came out through a lot of discipline. Come shine, snow, rain, he takes cold showers. He's been to all the corners of India working at extreme weather conditions. No place or condition seems to be a challenge for him to change. Such discipline and tenacity are inspiring. 

"He's the same person as he was in service. Seeing him live in his way, I still feel it's unbelievable for anyone to stay the same like him at every time," said Satvir, talking about his father. 

Complementing him, Satvir's mother is anything but, mediocre. She's raised 4 kids crisscrossing India taking care of the family. During 1984, operation blue star, they were in Punjab as well. A lot of stories and experiences. 

With Tannu & Arjun
I was humbled by the kind of hospitality they showed at me. I felt at home being with them.  

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