Thursday, August 8, 2019

Social Media Sabbath- 36 days away from social media

It's been 36 days since I quit social media. After quitting social media, I assumed I'd be productive but thanks to youtube, Netflix, Hotstar or even Whatsapp. 

I was spending time passively. I was compulsive on either watching, reading trivial, superficial stuff. I wanted to keep doing things which seem important but, nevertheless are the least of importance.
I do not feel any urge or reason to get back on social media. I met a few strangers and we talked about staying in touch. I shared the mail id rather than my Instagram Handle or any other. I do not know what's happening with my friends' lives nevertheless, friends who want to share with me are sharing. Now, I do not have the fear of missing out something. 

The relation I maintain with my friends over calls, writings and mails seem satisfying enough to stay away from social media. 

Staying away from social media helped me to stay away from trivial stuff. There's a lot that's happening in the world. The template of social media does not interest me anymore.  Every person has a profile and every person is trying to express through a medium that's confined to a certain way.  It is not helping us to be ourselves but show up our shallow lives rather than make a deep connection. 

And yes, social media is a great tool for business and networking. It's all good if you have a purpose. And I personally feel, it comes up with a price. If we are on social media, it changes our thought patterns, it changes how we feel, think and visualize life. 

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