Thursday, August 8, 2019

Memories- 8th Class Play

11 years backi.e 2008, I directed a play which included dance, dialogues, and a lot more acting.

I was given a chance to do a dance or drama for Independence Day. Started the idea with the dance and later converted into a play with a lot of music, songs, and drama.

Bharat accepted to play the female lead role. Pio jumped in for the patient role. Khurrum Farooqi was the doctor and many more joined for the play.

Back then, computers weren't in reach to dabble with mp3 cutter. We had to go to a music shop, ask him to add songs and make a mixtape.

With the available mixtape, we played in the black tape recorder I had and practiced it.

I was the director of the play. I wrote the dialogues, assisted in action and helped everyone to do their role in a good way. I enjoyed it.

We presented it well on the stage. I did not invite anyone to watch the play. I never thought it was a big deal then. Despite that, Ram Laxman uncle visited our school to watch the play when he got to know through Dad. 

11 years forward, I'm in Rajasthan, in a school helping 8th class students to make a play. Every day, I walk in to help them. As I talk to them, see them rehearsing, I recall the good old days, my 8th class memories and smile.

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