Monday, April 22, 2019

Sunday Haul- Rajesh ka Kithabh Ghar

I found this book store at Baroda, "Rajesh Ka Kithabh Ghar."  The owner, Rajesh, himself was in the place and helped me in getting a few books. After a conversation, I got to know about this book store a bit. It got started in 1973. Rajesh is an avid reader and has read a lot of books in Gujarati and Hindi. He handles the book chain around the railway station. This bookstore has various new books and also old books. I found a few interesting titles for a decent price. I got two titles of Raghuram Rajan, Spy Chronicles, "Becoming" by Michelle Obama.

"The Other Face of the Moon" by Asha Miro seemed an interesting book Another memoir I picked up is, "The Harlem Within" by Fatema Mernissi.

I found the memoir "Dream New Dreams," written by Randy Pausch's wife, Jai Pausch

Books at Baroda

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