Tuesday, April 2, 2019


Days when things were not going well. Sleepless nights. Continuous plans. Loads of reworks. Nothing was in concrete except the belief and the hope the team had.

Checking out references to start the work. 

Samhita Caught me sleeping.
Those were the days, I used to spend all of my time in this room. Samhita walked into the room and saw me dozing off happily. She clicked and later showed me how I was sleeping giving no damn. Effect of sleepless nights spent on research :')

Shiva a.k.a SRK
Shiva is one chap to work with. To many, he may seem to be introvert but had great help whenever needed. 

Vijay a.k.a Simham
On the day when we had to take an important decision regarding the event. Vijay was on my side to take up things to the management and fight against if needed. 

Caught in the speech
The time when I was sharing important things regarding decision management has taken.

Make or break situation. Meghana and Vijay were quite focused on what was discussed then. 

Ofcourse, we had our Amulya Mam who eased up the situation no matter how serious things were.

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