Monday, April 8, 2019

8C's - Stories from Sirohi

We discussed how a school needs to be.  And Ken Robinson came to the rescue.

Ken Robinson in his book, "Creative Schools" shared the competencies that are the schools need to focus. These are the 8cs that are needed to create an environment for a good education. 

Curiosity: The ability to ask questions and explore how the world works

Creativity: The ability to generate new ideas and to apply them in practice

Criticism: The ability to analyze information and ideas and to form reasoned arguments and judgments

Communication: The ability to express thoughts and feelings clearly and confidently in a range of media and forms

Collaboration: The ability to work constructively with others

Compassion: The ability to empathize with other others and act accordingly

Composure: The ability to connect with the inner life of feeling and develop a sense of personal harmony and balance

Citizenship: The ability to engage constructively with society and to participate in the processes that sustain it

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