Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Scouting for the Stage- 3 Years to the TEDxVNRVJIET

All in all, didn't have prior knowledge in stage designing and stage management as well. That was the first time, we got onto the stage checking out what works for us and what doesn't
Everyone in our own planning. 

We were walking all over the stage checking how it's gonna work for Speaker

Sruthi & I
Sruthi helped in a great way figuring out the sound system. We had no clue about acoustics, placing of speakers and all the sound related things. Sruthi, Shreya called in Chaitanya. Vivek Bhai took care of everything.

Rama & Vijay
Vijay took care of all the logistics and the stage logistics were also a big part he carried it of well with all the other team members. 

 Amulya handled the emceeing and coordinated with the emcee. 

Decision to be taken. Yes or NO. Yes & No. 

Vijay is notorious for his temper, as people talk but, not for once, I saw him losing temper. He was always controlled and handled things in great manner.

Amulya orchestrating us.

Last minute changes

Calling it a day.

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