Friday, April 26, 2019

Lakshmi Vilas Palace- Travel Diaries

For the first time, I visited a heritage site with the audio guide. The audio guide idea is an amazing idea. Loved the back ground score, narration and most of all, the reliving experience of  the whole past. I was spell bounded by the architecture and the sculptures. Audio guide mentioned the sculptor Fellici. Unable to find more info on him. 

The openings seemed to be a mix of Mughal architecute. I learnt that the architecture is called Indo Saracenic architecture, also called as Neo-Mughal architecture. British picked up the Indian aesthetics and constructed with the mix of their own architecture.

Of all, I loved the mosaic work. With mosaics, they created exceptional pieces. One by one, nothing seemed full and in full everything is a marvel piece. 

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