Monday, April 22, 2019

Hitichhiking at Gujarat- Stories on Wheels

In Gujarat, every time, I asked for the direction, people offered me a ride. Quite amusing to receive a lot of rides without asking for one.

Enroute Patan

On my way to Patan, many people helped me to reach the place, "Rani ki Vav."

Further my visit to the step well and Patola Weave House, I asked a person for the directions to Bus station. He offered me a ride and enquired about my destination. 

"Ahmedabad Jaana Hai." 

"You better take the train, you'll reach fast. You can catch up on the train at 2pm." And he offered me a ride till station.  Because of the person, plans were changed, I headed to Railway Station. 

I also had a chance to try out Biryani at Patan. 

Patan Railway Station. 

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