Saturday, April 6, 2019

God Father- Book

God Father is a Don’s Carolene’s saga of the power and the influence. Vito hailing from Corleone gets escaped to the US by his mother as his father gets killed. He finds a way to live on his own terms. Once he lives on his terms, his friends follow him and become Caporegime. Many others reach him for his help and he becomes the new Don rising up to the power influencing the people in the system and the whole system. 

God Father is a gripping story with master storytelling. Mario Puzo wrote it in a simple style. And I can understand how hard it is to write in simple style. Kudos Mario Puzo. The classic for a reason.

I learnt a few words from this book. The omerta, Consiglieri, and a few other Italian words. There are a few of Don ’s words that etched on my mind.  These are the few, I loved.

“A man has his own destiny.”

“I’ll give him the offer that he can’t refuse.”

God Father
"Reasonable man. Wins over the reason."

The characters are well defined and the story has a gripping narration. This is the book that can't be put down once it's picked. It's gripping and quite a page-turner. 

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