Saturday, April 6, 2019

Education- Stories from Sirohi

Education is more of human values, understanding the world and nature. Education is not merely math and science or any other subject. It's about how you understand others, how you listen to others. Everything matters and that’s what matters. 

Education over the ages seemed to be of two types. One is of human development through learning of values & knowledge.

And other is to examine and sort out people for higher education and for the occupation that helps highest achieving in all terms in the world. 

Right now, we're busy in sorting out the students for occupations that are created accordingly to current trends in the world. With the examination method, we've hardly focussing on human development through the teaching of values, knowledge. 

We should not jump into academics. Take time with the kids, build the rapo. Talk your terms, Tell your expectations, you listen to them. You understand them well and then begin the teaching rather than jumping into syllabus, tests and a lot more things which really don't help a child to be a better human being. 

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